Labor Leasing in Real estate & Types of the Labor Leasing in Industries

Labor Leasing in Real estate & Types of the Labor Leasing in Industries

Labor Leasing is committed to providing the most qualified and skilled labor in a safe environment.

Labor leasing is a work arrangement in the industrial countries where it establishes the three parties between workers. The workers are engaged with a third party agency and these agencies host this labors to the industries.

Labor Leasing is committed to providing the most qualified and skilled labor in a safe environment.  We believe that our relationship and communication with our clients is imperative in ensuring that the project succeeds and is completed in a timely manner.

Labor Leasing serve to the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Industrial Construction
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing


The hospitality industry comes with a wide range of occupations in different levels while some workers deal directly with the public, providing services to customers, while others work in management. Therefore, Hospitality workers have skills in customer service and communication skills to work with the public.

In Labor Leasing, they have a separate team that is working dedicatedly to cater to the hospitality sector.  

They have a different demands from the wide sectors of industry such as.,

1.) Hotel and Accommodation Management:

Labor Leasing provides the staff in all areas of hotels such as housekeeping, room service, maintenance, the front desk, marketing, front desk, office, and security. These field employees are specialized in marketing, accounting, management, food service, maintenance, and housekeeping.

2.) Food Service Staff:

Restaurant staff includes cooks, servers, bartenders, hosts, and hostesses. These field employees are specialized in menu planning, nutrition, cooking, sanitation, and purchasing.

3.) Housekeeping Staff:

The hotel housekeeping staff replenishes linens and room items, makes beds, clean bathrooms, vacuum and sanitizes the room.

Industrial Construction:

Labor Leasing provides the general contractors who coordinate the construction site and are specialized in residential or commercial buildings and they take full responsibility for the complete job.

1.) Goods and services:

The construction activities persist of constructing the new structures, including modifications to the existing buildings and site preparation . It also includes the 3rd level jobs such as maintenance, repair, and refurbishing on these real estate sites.

2.) Industry organization

This industry is divided into 3 major divisions:

  • General Contractors:

The construction of real estate buildings includes contractors, usually called general contractors, who build industrial, residential, commercial.

  • Heavy & engineering construction contractors:

These workers build highways, bridges, sewers, roads, tunnels, and other projects related to infrastructure.

  • Trade contractors:

They generally perform the specialized activities related to all types of construction such as plumbing, painting, carpentry, & electrical work.

Oil & Gas Industry:

Contractors and supervisors in oil and gas drilling services coordinate and supervise the activities of workers engaged in drilling for oil or gas, operating service rigs, or providing oil and gas services.

Labor Leasing Services provide supervisors who can work in heavy machinery and equipment and can skillfully tackle the potential hazards that exist on site relating to large, moving machinery, potentially harmful chemicals. These hazardous conditions also need safety at the forefront and all workers follow strict safety regulations, including wearing eye protection, gloves, hard hats, and steel-toed boots.

This industry also needs traveling because many rig sites are located in remote areas.  As a result, supervisors may be required to travel and remain on-site for extended periods of time.

The Oil & Gas Sector includes the positions like Consultant, Contractor, Foreperson, Rig Manager, Superintendent, Supervisor. The work hours, job location, and travel requirements vary with a contract and type of job.


From labor, operational, and technical positions to jobs outside of production, Labor Leasing Services can help you find the right individuals for your manufacturing projects.

In Manufacturing, a production worker responsible for the majority of work such as operating equipment in a factory, preparing items for distribution, ensuring all machinery runs smoothly, assembling & checking products, and assisting in the packaging & shipment of items. It also provides a specialized production worker which qualifies the physical stamina, a fair amount of dexterity, strength, and good color vision to deal with color-coded wires.

HealthCare Support Services:

Every day hundreds and thousands of patients are treated at a healthcare facility. Hence, it is imperative that hospital authorities construct the ideal hospitals & healthcare facilities for patients.

Labor Services provides experienced Healthcare workers which are able to complete tasks accurately, and in a timely manner.

1.) Healthcare Administrator:

Healthcare Administration duties include budgeting, ordering medical supplies, and maintaining employee records.

2.) Medical Records Manager:

Medical Records Manager maintains patient data and supervises the employees within the department.

3.) Sanitization Workers:

Sanitization duties include routine cleaning activities at patient, public and common areas using prescribed, established cleaning processes, and maintains a neat and sanitary work area throughout the scheduled working period.


Warehouses store manufactured goods or raw materials before they are transported for sale or export.

In Labor Services, Warehouse workers are dedicated and punctual and can work at odd and long times to ensure that each product is properly shelved and organized.

1.) Warehouse Managers:

Warehouse managers direct team members to stock shelves, transfer inventory properly, and maintain accurate inventory levels.

The major responsibilities of the warehouse manager are to supervise the operations of a storeroom as well as staff and provide the materials, equipment, and supplies by directing, receiving, warehousing, and distribution services.

2.) Warehouse workers:

Warehouse workers are crucial to keep the warehouse drive efficiently.

The major responsibilities are sorting and placing warehouse items, as directed by organizational standards, manufacturing orders by the operating works such as  processing requests, pulling orders, transporting packages and packing boxes to the shipping area, and ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the working environment.

Pipeline Construction:

Major duties that drive the construction work are drilling on landfills, installing new piping to collect the gas, fusing and welding the gas to be transported to the power plant.

Labor Leasing Services provides the pipelines who work for a construction crew at construction sites.  Safety is the primary goal of the pipeline and is accountable for the safety of all company personnel as well as the public at large.

1.) Pipeline Worker:

Pipeline Worker schedules and performs the work and if any pipeline requires major repair or replacement, a construction crew may take over.

As part of a construction team, the pipeline is responsible for preparing the locations for the pipeline to be laid, which can include removing obstacles such as fences and water lines, and cleaning and painting exposed metal to prevent corrosion.

2.) Pipeline Construction Engineer:

A piping construction engineer plans the schedule of piping works, assists with material procurement, oversees installations and maintenance operations, and supervises construction staff. The Pipeline Engineer is responsible for Scheduling Activities, Monitoring Installation and Maintenance.