AI in Real Estates | How Artificial Intelligence is altering the Real estate world

AI in Real Estates | How Artificial Intelligence is altering the Real estate world

Artificial Intelligence in real estates is mitigating the real estates in space management, Lead Generation, Budget Overflow & Manual tasks

Real estate is the biggest market which is earning billions around the world, so there are various methodologies to mitigate the mediocre methods from documents to getting the leads, therefore AI is using various advanced algorithms to automate various tasks which are mentioned below. The data supplied by AI allow property owners to better analysis of how to invest in their properties and what would future profits.

1.) AI in real estate to efficiently manage office space :

When it comes to large real estate properties like the corporates office, real estate maintenance can take a large amount of budget, surveys state that 30 to 40% of the office spaces remained underutilized. The small spaces not covered are called "silent costs". Therefore, Space planning is crucial not only to get into the core of the real estate and facilities management but also supports the employee experience and operational efficiency. Because at the end of the day, employee satisfaction plays an important role in business success and this real estate AI tools can create a more motivating environment & decrease maintenance costs too.

How AI is mitigating the problem for space management?

Monitor the workspace occupancy:

Capture & analyze the real estate data to take the strategic decisions for space and create the distance floor plans.

Manage the capital projects and streamline the leases:

Reduce the costs and analyze the impacts by improving the lease management, analyze the risks, eliminate the budget for better planning decisions.

Mitigate the financial impacts:

From a single solution, manage all the fields of real estate.

2.) Lead Generation:

Getting the leads is the most important aspect of closing real estate deals. And for that, the AI-powered software is used for analyzing the various properties and their features to filter the accurate information from tenants, purchasers to licenses. It also includes the amenities, recreational activities, and price/rent. By dissecting this information, we get the right kind of clients to a particular property. For instance, Trulia provides the information and tools for home buyers and sellers to analyze house purchases. It has converted 60% of online leads into clients.

How AI is mitigating the problem for Lead Generation?

Instant leads:

Trulia provides instant leads that are "click to call" with a call tracking solution which gives agents the ability to respond to the leads faster. In real estate, speed is everything because replying to the leads in 5 minutes will increase the chances of conversion to clients.

Connects the prospects instantly with agent:

In click to call feature, prospects include their phone number which instantly connects the prospects to the agent on the live call. If the agent is busy, it sends the text message from the Trulia platform to the agent.

3.) AI prevents Budget Overflow:

Before starting the Construction, it suffers from budget overflow. For instance, McKinsey estimated that the planned budget can exceed 80% in large construction projects. For instance, a California startup Doxel solves the issues in real estate through LiDAR imaging, robotics, and AI. The 3D images of construction sites are taken and an AI algorithm analyzes this data and converts it to insights which are then used by the project managers. This eliminates the overspending and saves up to 11% of the planned budget.

Manages the Budget:

Our AI measures the total work done by the particular department and calculates the earned value.


The platform will update with current progress reports, project forecasts, and production rates.


The platform detects the errors with accuracy through AI engines.

4.) Automating the Manual Task through Object Recognition:

Real estate has a great deal of documentation from construction sites to purchasing the properties in the form of title deeds, revenue records, and certificates from map plans to office orders. It becomes a mess sometimes to fill the forms to review the documents. The AI is mitigating the mediocre process and automating the documents through the various applications mentioned below in the blog:

Object Recognition | Scanning Applications are mitigating the mediocre methods of gaining Information and provides different Count Features used in Distinctive Fields & Companies

The Potential Future of AI in real estate:

The use of AI is alleviating the mediocre process in real estate by forecasting, analyzing, and applying the algorithms in the applications for getting insights about the real estate market, clients, and leads.